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Help Android 2.3 - SD card apps

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This is what I did....

I umounted my SD card.... Then remounted the SD card (This is located in Settings> SD card and Storage> Unmount, Remount)

Once the card was remounted properly, all my app's that were on the SD card appeared and worked fine.

Then I moved all the app's that I had on the SD card back over to the phone (off the card).

Once everything was moved off the card, I did a power down reboot (power down and pulled the battery).

Once the phone booted up, I then moved a couple of app's back to the sd card to test. Powered down again and battery pulled.

Booted the phone back up and although it took a few minutes the moved apps to sd card appeared and worked fine.

I then moved all the app's to the card (rebooted with a battery pull) and they seem to be all there and ok.

The question is now the downloading of new app's... if you download a new app and place it on the card, does the above have to be done to get the app to show.

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I had to do a combination of unmounting, mounting and powering down before I could get it to recognize the apps. I switched them all over to the phone. I tried to test it and just put a couple apps on the SD card but they became useless again so I switched them back over. Not ideal, but at least I can access those apps now.
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