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Android 5.0 Lolipop announced - Update in coming weeks [Screenshots from new developer preview]

For those interested...Quick Reply from PushBullet

notification dismissal not occurring - I've searched the net, looked at playstore recent reviews, asked in an android forum and also looked at the G+ PushBullet beta community for corroboration on if this issue is happening to someone else, have not been able to find anyone experiencing the same issue.

build LPX13D on Nexus 5 with Pushbullet v15.0.1

On 4.4.4 - worked flawlesslessly
On LPX13D - the previous Pushbullet version never had notification mirroring working which was an officially confirmed bug. Thank you for fixing that
On LPX13D with 15.0.1 I have notification mirroring working just fine but using the chrome extension on Windows 7 and on another PC using windows 8 (chrome again), I will click the dismiss button and the notification stays present on my phone, LED flashing continues until I physically dismiss the notification.

My phone has very little configuration set for the lockscreen, just swipe to unlock set. No pin or any other settings outside of the default with respect to the lockscreen.

I really enjoy your app quite a lot, if this is a matter of waiting until the public release, then I'm okay with that. I'm just wondering if you can replicate the error or perhaps any further actions to remedy the issue.

Hi! Yeah, this is related to Lollipop. We know why the dismissal isn
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