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Help Android Deleted All My Contacts From Contact List Including Gmail

My friend sent me her house number to add by text message..I got it and selected "Add to Contacts" there I could see my contacts,but I don't know how to get them back in the contact list- Phone book. What do I do?
OK, I want to make sure I understand this... You can see the contacts in "Add to Contacts" but not in the People menu? This typically means you changed the display options in your contacts, open People (Contacts) and press the menu button and select settings, then check to see which contacts lists are being displayed, there are also a few other options that could stop them from being displayed, just poke around in there and I am sure you will find them.
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Yes If I want to add the number to contacts I can see everyone but when I go to contacts on my phone I see only a few people I have added again since it was deleted/modified some how. I will try to see if I can look in settings to see how to fix this. I can get Facebook added but nothing else. I did find my old phone so I could do all of this manually. Bleh
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