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Help Android lock-screen/notifications question


Jul 30, 2021
Hi everyone, I registered just so I could ask this question, because I've been using apple since the 6s and really like the way it handles the lock screen and notifications.

What I would like to know is if android can do this like it does on iphones:

When I get notifications, like a text message, email, etc my lock screen lights up and I can see a preview of the notification, if I don't want to fully open I don't have to.

Now let's say I double click the home button (currently using SE 2020), and I'm in the phone now. I can swipe down from the top to see notifications, just like I think I can on android. I have an S21 and S21 ultra that I'm not currently using and this is the case on those. Now, if I lock my phone or it times out and locks, and I click the home button once there are no notifications, it just displays the lock screen background and the time. But, if that happens on the android, and wake it up to the lock screen it still shows the old notifications until I hit "clear".

I got frustrated using the android because I always was having to clear notifications all day. I don't get a ton, but I get email, text, updates from my kids' school, and a few others. On the iphone I can see them on the lock screen and ignore or open, view apps, and then close. But on the Ultra I have to clear them.

Is there a setting I haven't found yet to have the alerts/notifications show up but automatically clear from the lock screen once the phone is open? I might not go into my email after unlocking but I don't want to have to open the app or hit clear all the time. I am fine having the dot or number on the app showing me how many alerts I have, but I just want them to stop showing on the lock screen once it's opened.

Does that make sense? Any way to do this? Thanks!!
I am not real sure, other than to say that I do not allow notifications on my lockscreen.

A little icon along the top of the screen will let me know if there is a message or whatnot.

As far as I know, you cannot read entire messages or dismiss notifications without unlocking the device.
It would be a security hazard if you could- because that would mean that anyone else could, too.

So, I disable all notifications on my lockscreen, and just look for the little icons to see if any are active.
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on my note 10+ 5G i use the AOD(Always On Display) and it will show if you have an email or text, but does not display the actual content. i find this handy for me as i can look at the screen and see if i received an email or text quickly, if my phone is lying around near me. if i unlock my phone nothing pops up as far as notifications, they just remain in the notification bar at the top. i dont think i have a setting to change it or not, never really looked.

if i clear my notifications, nothing will show up in my AOD or lockscreen so i'm not sure why it is still showing on your lockscreen. maybe try a different lockscreen app. there are plenty to choose from on the play store.
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Thanks guys, I guess I just didn't do a good job explaining.

Basically, I do want the notifications on the lock screen. But once I unlock it, I don't want them to show up again on the lock screen once it's locked again.

On my iphone, the notifications are there on the lock screen. I double click the home button to unlock. If I want to see them I swipe down. If not I re-lock or let it timeout. The notifications don't show up again on the lock screen anymore. I don't have to take the extra step to clear the notifications.

Is there a way for the lock-screen notifications to automatically be dismissed when the phone is unlocked? Having to tap and hit "clear" or swiping away a million times a day kinda gets old. I want to see them but then go away once I unlock.

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Yes, clearing tons of notification is a PITA- hence the reason I turn off all but those I really use.

You say a double tap unlocks your iphone- how do you unlock your Android?

Have you considered using a notification manager app?
Some devices allow this, others do not.

To unlock the android I tend to switch back and forth between swipe up or changing it clicking the power button. I don't use any biometric or password security.

I try to keep notifications to a minimum but I get alerts from 2 email accounts, texts, kids' daycare program, and I think a local TV station's app for weather alerts.

I guess it's just different with ios and android. I've not used a notification manager, I'm not very knowledgeable about that stuff, having apple since 2015 I think. Will galaxy s21 ultra be able to use it? Is it a download from play store or something different?

I was just hoping there was a way to make alerts clear when the phone unlocks. If not that's OK, I'll just have to keep turning off notifications for programs I don't want them from.

I tend to get a ton more on android than from apple. Apps always want to seem to do something or send me a message or something on android where on apple they tend to leave me alone unless I actually open or use them.

EDIT: oh on that note this post made me think of something. one reason I am trying to get used to this phone because of the higher end specs and camera compared to my iphone 8 plus and iphone se 2020. on apple there's live pictures. I know samsung has it's own version.

Is there a way for my wife to send me live pictures and me to view them as live? Or vice versa? Or a way to for either of us to take our own version of a "live" picture and convert them easily to gifs or something to send? We like to take pictures of our kids and watch the "live" versions for their faces/expressions/voice and stuff when we take pictures.
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Personally, I would use Telegram for that.

It is a great, ad-free messenger app and more.

PlayStore has it, but I highly recommend using either the version directly from Telegram or the FOSS (Free Open Source Software) version from F-Droid.

Many options are available, including pictures, videos, audio, texting, and calling.
Live video is available as well, but I have never tried it.

Also, unlimited online storage and sharing of files 2GB or less.

My ol'lady and I use the F-Droid version everyday to communicate.
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