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Help Android Market-manual update problems


Oct 5, 2011
Is anybody else having problems with manual updating apps in the android market? For the last couple of days when it tells me I have updates available, none of them will update manually. It gets stuck on the loading screen. Seems to be a bug, but want to know if everybody else is having this problem.

Note: Yes, I have cleared data/cache and uninstalled market update then reinstalled.
I was having the same problem. Misterjunky over on XDA suggested this...

Go to settings>applications>manage applications then click
the "ALL" tab and click on "market" and click on "Clear Data".
Then reboot the phone and see if the issue is gone.

That did the trick for me. After the reboot I found 5 apps that had updates showing.

Read my post a little more carefully please. Thanks for the input though.
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