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Android Market Reviews


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Jun 25, 2011
This is just a tip:

When looking at reviews on the android market website (not app), immediately skip to page 2. The first page is what Google considers to be "relevant" reviews, and they bungle it completely because they do not keep track of release version. Reviews of an out of date version of software could not be less relevant since they are not a review of what you are about to download. Only the first page has this garbage, so skip to page 2 where the reverse chronological order reviews start.

Edit: Also, WTF do people basically say in a review that an app is unusable then give it three or four stars? Maybe it is not just google employees...
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lol I'm totally with you on this! When I read app reviews I shake my head at how silly some of them are. I wish people would be more accurate instead of giving something 1 star because "it does everything I want except *name a small feature here*."

What ever happened to the other 3 stars between one and five? But definitely a great tip is to check page 2 and 3, depending how much you trust other peoples' reviews to be accurate :)
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