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Android Mini PCs


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Apr 17, 2012
This board is primarily dedicated to android phones and other little known android devices.

Now that android mini PCs are arriving in the markets, I wonder if the board administrators are interested in making one section for these.

I am interested in buying one Android mini PC as my music server (Sorry, can't afford Olive system) and if its good enough, may be one for my dad to surf the web and for chatting applications.
Would like to have some discussion on it if there are few experts here.

Thanks in advance.
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We're referring to those Chinese Android netbooks that are becoming rather popular now? They're basically the same as a tablet(they're using the same logic boards and software as tablets AFAIK), but they have a keyboard and track-pad, instead of a touch-screen.

A few students have them. Personally I think they're easier to use while sat at a desk than a tablet. You don't have to prop it up and mess around with separate keyboards for typing.

If you're considering one. It's probably worth reading our forum sticky about Android devices like this...
...especially if buying an Android netbook from Ebay or Ali Express or other wholesaler/trading company. Amazon should be OK though, they have quite a few listed.

The other popular devices are those TV Android HDMI dongles, which are also described as "mini PC" sometimes. They seem to be mostly posted and discussed in "Google TV", or "Other Androids" sometimes.


I just had a look in "Google TV" sub-forum, and sure enough first post "Shenzhen Whatever Technology Co. Ltd....blah..blah...blah" :rolleyes:
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I was actually talking about the kind featured on liliputing. Some of the links are below.

$89 Android Mini PC with 1.6 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 CPU - Liliputing
CX-919 Android mini PC has RK3188 CPU, external antenna - Liliputing
Utilite ARM-based Linux computer coming in August for $99 and up - Liliputing

Liliputing usually gives good review of all of them but in practical life, many are just crap, loaded with problems (I note this from the reviews I read). I am hoping that the quality crop is round the corner hoping some folks in the US/EU/Korea will design them. I am interested in one of those but just not yet. I know, some people will still try them to play around. Hence, having a sub-forum would be great to see how and what these mini devices can do and if they are worth spending money for.

Frankly, Made in China by a no-name company is not my ideal method of buying stuff.
Note - No disrespect to Chinese manufacturers, there are some quality products made by Chinese companies and they shine in the world market but certainly not these ones, yet.
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