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Android Newbie


Oct 26, 2010
Looks like my Droid X will soon take the place of my Palm Treo 700P. I have and tried Blackberry Storm, and HTC Ozone. The speed and versatility for the way I use a Smartphone has made my Palm Treo for me up to now the best choice. I hate the storm, and the Ozone was slow, clumsy, and almost as frustrating as the storm.
I'm getting to really like and enjoy the Droid X, and finding it very intuitive. With more time to learn and be able to use some of it's features quickly I'm sure it will eventually become my primary phone.
I use my phone for business and my life is in my Treo. I have a large number of contacts and passwords I need to keep in my phone. Password Plus for my Palm Treo is ideal. I wish Data Viz would make Password Plus for the Droid. I need a secure password app that I can sync or copy to my Droid.


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