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Android table recommendations please

Years ago I bought an iPad Air and I enjoy it very much, but its battery life is getting too short. Yes I know I can get it replaced for about $100 US but I'm beginning to think I rather have an Android and that money might be better spent on a new tablet. (I'd consider a Windows tablet if I can get a good one at a good price.)

Although I'm happy with the iPad, I chose Apple over Android because of the music apps. However, I found making music on a tablet is both more inconvenient and time consuming than on a desktop or laptop computer. So All I ever use my iPad for is 'couch surfing'.

There are some inconveniences with the Apple that cause me to want to make a switch:

1) Exclusivity: Apple likes to do non-standard, incompatible things like non-universal connectors. For example: the Lightning port instead of USB causing me to have more cables, more connections and more expense

2) File transfer: Even with a USB to Lightning port adapter transferring files is a major PITA. I took about 800 vacation photos in Australia last year and wanted to put a couple hundred of them on my iPad to show my sisters. I couldn't just plug in a USB to Lightning and drag and drop files. iOS wanted me to go through iTunes first. I don't want iTunes I had it on an iPod and hated it. So I had to upload to Dropbox (or equivalent) from my PC and Download to the iPad. Since I have a slow DSL connection (I'm about 3 miles away from the fiber optics cable), this took an excessive amount of time.

3) File management: Some people might like this, but Apple puts the files where it wants to put them. I want to be able to organize and move them where I want with a "File Explorer" type interface. I don't know if Android lets me do that, but iPad definitely doesn't.

Since I use the iPad almost exclusively for couch surfing, this is all I need from an Android tablet.

1) 9.5" screen is a good size, something close will do - also light weight is good.

2) Good battery life

3) Sharp screen display

4) WiFi - no phone needed nor wanted - I never leave the house with it

5) The ability to transfer files with a USB flash drive (I have some with the regular USB on one side and the mini on the other)

6) Apps: only 3 really needed - My Radar (I have this on my android phone), Flipbook, and a Web browser (access to Google Play Store is important)

7) Bluetooth

I'd rather not have a physical keyboard - stylus not wanted but it's OK if it has one.


with out knowing what your budget is, i would get the Samsung Tab A here is a search link from amazon:https://www.amazon.com/s?k=samsung+tab+a&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

from that search the refurbished S2 is an amazing deal. it is a tablet that normal goes for $400 so $199 is a really good deal.....it is refurbished so that is up to you. I had the S2 until it met its death into a swimming pool:saddroid::saddroid::saddroid::saddroid:

but the the Tab A new is also a great tablet at a decent price. it is what i have and i mainly use it to play some games and to control my chromecast to my tv.
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1) Yes, Apple's affinity towards proprietary and specialized standards is an issue but with Android there is a less problematic but still irritating issue with some devices using micro-USB and some USB Type-C. The trend is micro-USB fading off with USB Type-C to dominate but even that's a bit clouded with different manufacturers leaning towards different standards:
It's not a killer but more a matter where to get optimum results you need to buy things following one of those standards, but with there being minimal compatibility being enforced throughout, we can all at least use any Type-C to get usable results.
2) You might want to think about migrating your audio and photo libraries into online services like Google Play Music and Google Photos. Both have apps that are available for Android and iOS so once implemented you have a platform neutral way to share media content with your family. Since you referred to a somewhat sluggish DSL connection I'm aware this is something of hollow suggestion but is there any source nearby where there's faster bandwidth (with public access)? Here in the U.S. a lot of libraries and community colleges have very stable and fast download/upload connectivity.
3) There are a number of really good file manager apps available for Android. I'll just suggest you look into 'Explorer':
It's a file manager app with a really nice feature set, but note this is more of a suggestion, not necessarily a recommendation. The issue being all the file manager apps do essentially the same thing, allow you graphically manage your files and folders, so the big difference between them are their features and user interface. Each has a number of screen captures in their respective Play Store pages so you can get a rough idea on which one might be the most comfortable for you to use.
https://play.google.com/store/search?q=file managers&c=apps&hl=en

These references might be worth reading through as you decide on which model to buy, even if you don't like their recommendations there's a lot of good info and what to look for and why:
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Thanks a lot.

I'm currently looking at a Galaxy S2.


It has USB OTG which I use with my Galaxy phone.

So far I've read it has good other features, light weight, clear display. I suppose I can use the same apps as my Galaxy phone for the most part.

Does this seem like a good, reliable choice?

Thanks again,
well like i said i loved my S2 until it drowned in my pool. it committed tablet suicide.......LOL

it is a great tablet. it is extremely light and very portable. i love the screen on it and it played games like a beast on it. i highly would recommend it
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