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Help Android tablet showing sdcard missing on startup


Jun 6, 2016
I am running a Meberry tablet with Android 10.

When I boot up I receive 'Sandisk sdcard is missing', then the message 'phone is starting up' then in the desktop the sdcard functions normally without any errors.

I have tried another sdcard with the same result, I then reformatted the card and received the ame sdcard missing message.

If I format the sdcard as a portable storage rather than extended memory, I do not receive the sdcard missing message.

Attached is the log entry for the error


  • sdcard_error.png
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Yes it is a new one, I really wanted a solution before returning or factory reset
there is no easy fix for something like that. if rebooting does not help fix any glitches and trying different cards does not work, then your only option is to do a factory reset. if that does not fix the situation then it is not the os that is the issue. it would be a hardware issue which you can then either fix it or return it.
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