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Android tablets with phone capabilities?

A Chinese tablet can do, which named Dropad A9N, I've read a review of the device, but it seems that no one would like to make a phone call while holding the thing

Where did you see the review for this tablet? Is it a comprehensive review?
I am interested to see a review or user who can tell me that they actually have a version of this tablet that have a working GPS.
I sell this tablet too under the brand Gen-E and I know its GPS actually work but every seller out there mentions that it has GPS ......."frown"

Yes, this tablet can make GSM phone call but only in handsfree mode.
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the samsung galaxy note is technically a phone with a 5.3" screen. unfortunately, it looks like it will only be released for at&t.

does anyone know why most of the rest of the world can use their tables like a phone, but nothing in the us?

apparently some of these tablets have the hardware to be used as a phone but NONE of the cell providers in the us offer a voice plan for their tablets, wtf is that all about?!?

there's also the asus padphone coming out...
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