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Help Android video camera crashes - videos corrupted?

Hi All

Wondering if anyone has any experience and help with this one please.

Previously running Sensation XE unbranded, Gingerbread 2.3.4

I used the stock video camera to capture some 720p videos, no problem.

Then last month, I went zorbing with the missus. Obviously I recorded the whole experience, or tried to.

On the first run the video camera froze when I tried to stop the recording, previously it looked like the camera was skipping to some extent. I hit the home button after the camera had been frozen on a frame with no activity for a minute or two and found I couldn't watch the video, I had a blank tile in the gallery that couldn't be played.

We had a second run and I tried again to the same result.

I've done some reading online and it appears that if the video is a long one (these files are 46Mb and ~90Mb each - other videos on the phone are significantly smaller) then the camera crashes due to the size. The corruption is caused by a failure to correctly index the files and build a trailer record (as I understand) however there doesn't seem to be any real advice as to how to resolve this, save for sending the file to some sweat shop in China for a fee. I've tried some of the software, the previews don't work so obviously I'm hesitatnt to pay for the full featured versions.

Has anyone had this themselves and more importantly, found a way around it? It's driving me nuts!:mad::thinking:
Thanks but this was prior to the update - on Gingerbread 2.3.4

Its not a case of it would always crash, only for long videos. The post is more to try and see if there is a way to recover the files as no codec packs recognise them on the PC.

Ahh sorry i must of mis-read,

hmm have you tried contacting htc via there live help chat? They might have an idea on how to recover corrupted video files for the sensation.
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