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AndroidSDK problems.


Jul 30, 2009
So i'm trying to root my Behold 2, been following the instructions on THE UNLOCKER, and want to connect it to ADB. I have the Android SDK on my C drive, and where I get stuck is when I put in the code to find the serial it gives me "LIST OF DEVICES:" and the serial is never there.

I have downloaded the Behold 2 drivers, and it installs every one except the Samsung ADB Interface which it fails on. I use the USBDEVIEW software to uninstall and try again but everytime it's the same failure, and yes the phone is set to USB debugged, and Samsung Studio.

I'm running Windows Premium 64bit, I don't know if running a 64 bit system has anything to do with this. Any help would be great! I thought I was a tech junkie until I ran into this.
What I'm getting on the last three lines of cat proc/cpuinfo is this:

samsung SGH-t939 board
revision 0000
serial 0000000000000000

I haven't really got any quality time with this fone yet. I've been really busy.
probably be next week before I even get busybox installed. I'm still reading about it. L@@Ks good and solid) Some top notch names are associated with it.
I do believe though that if you can get a copy of busybox on to a android fone and compiled you will increase the chances of slipping in some awsome switches.

if you are looking for a permanant root follow the instructions on this site.

if you are looking for a temp root to "owne root yourself" with a custom hack then the un-locker is fine.
Since the only way your going to have a persistant root is if you take it one step further with your own custom hack. You will know if your hack worked by simply rebooting and having root without the unlocker steps, or acually following them again. IE: hack root with un-locker. Then reboot and see if what you did will get you a
I acually think this will be the second way persistant root is found on the behold two.
The reason I think this is I've seen 1st hand that almost all remote exploits that are successful start with a temp root. Another thing too. The more people that treat these fones as "remote" clients/servers the faster a second persistant root will show up.

Is there a need for a second access persistant root? ABSOLUTLY! you better bet the 1st OTA is gonna close the play_logo hack, and possibly the un-locker temp hack. Due to the facts I stated above. if you can get temp root you can get permaneant root. just a matter of time.

Sorry for the long post
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