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Help Another Market-place problem or is i me ?


Sep 16, 2010
Was loving my new HTC desire for over a month now, after reading these forums and requesting some help i managed to figure out a few problems i had with not recieving MMS and stuff. Sorted it all out and thought nothing more of it.

But now am ready for smashing the thing against a brick wall because it has been nothing but trouble for the last week. Keeps loosin its charge which i think might be my fault by leaving things running without realising but i doubt anything could kill the battery life in 5 hours.

So just to make sure before i take it back to the shop i decided to download some apps and another problem started, stuck on downloading or unsuccesful attempt kept coming up. After a complete reset still nothing working but i did managed to download some stuff, thought it was sorted by just restarting download for a second time and hey presto it works. But now i can get it to download but nothing will install.

Is there anyone got the same problem and did they manage to fix it cos am begining to go nuts. I loved this phone when i first got it but its hanging by a thread now.

cheers people
Loads of threads on the current state of the market. There have been issues for the last week.

sometimes if you clear cache it works, but mostly not.

Aye i noticed all the threads and after taking info from a few of them i have managed to get some things downloaded. Also if you have been going mad about the changing back to googlemail rubbish then this is the thread for you.

How to fix UK Android Market download and Gmail log-in errors | andrew | Androinica

As for me, my main account has always been gmail even though i was based in the U.k, a friend of the site i am a GMOD on set it up for me so this was of no intrest to me until i realised i also registered an old googlemail account even though it was not my primary account it did indeed seem to be the problem :mad:

All seems to be working fine now after i cleared my market downloads and download manager apps. Then followed the guide above. Hope it helps some people out as it did for me. But hey i bet something else goes wrong pretty dammed quick.

P.s the thread link was found by another user here so thanks tae the guy that found it, i am just passing it on and dont take any credit for it :)
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