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Accessories another seidio 1750mah battery problem thread...

i've had the seidio 1750mah battery for about 2 weeks now and went through their whole conditioning deal as stated on the packaging. it was definitely getting better results than the stocker. i'd consider myself a heavy user as i stream pandora over 3g for about 5-7 hours per work day with some internet surfing, text, email, facebook and basically anything else the phone has to offer. the only tinkering i've done to the phone was turning off google talk and changing from gsm to cdma. i don't use a task killer and i manually control my connections as i need them i.e wifi, 3g etc. i could get anywhere between 12-16 hrs before i had to plug in the charger somewhere between 20-30% left.

now to the point of the thread. this morning, i was in the middle of a phone call (using bluetooth, the phone was on the nightstand next to me) when the phone suddenly died. i just happened to check my battery percentage about 15-20 minutes prior and was at 62% so i knew it wasn't that. it took me a few power button presses to get it started again and when i finally did, it died again once it got to the screen where it just shows 4g for a few seconds. i couldn't get it started again so i decided to pull the battery and put it back it. it fired up on first press and i got the phone running and it stayed up for about 10 mins when it died yet again. to make an already long story not too much longer, the phone died a total of 12 times in 3 hours. i finally got smart and replaced the oem battery and i haven't had any problems in the 4 hours since. could the seidio battery already be going bad? i'm going to keep the oem battery in for a day then go back to the seidio to see what happens. i'll check back in with my results. please feel free to share your experiences whether they're good or bad with the seidio 1750mah.
Hmm sounds like a manufacturing defect. Contact Seidio, i'm sure they would be happy to replace it for you. I've had their extended battery in the past on my Mogul and it lasted me the two years that I had it no problems.

It seems like you are getting good battery life on the 1750mAh though, I was hesitant to buy it, since not a lot of people said there was a big difference with it.
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