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Another Tomorrow - Point and click game releasing 12th Feb ( pre-register open )


Pre-register now ( if you want ) - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glitchgames.anotherTomorrow.premium

A story of love and loss, Another Tomorrow is a single-player mystery where you take photos and solve puzzles.

A puzzle adventure that seamlessly blends intricately rendered dioramas with first person exploration and puzzle solving.

The dioramas provide a superb overview of every scene and the first-person views allow you to climb deep into the gritty world to which you have awoken.

Trapped without your memories but equipped with a camera you’ll explore abandoned apartments, airfields, temples, and underground facilities to search for clues, solve puzzles, and unlock secrets to answer the question; who are you?

Your head’s pounding, your body cold. The air is ripe with something all too familiar. Blood.

The odour is unmistakable. But there’s something else. Something sweet but medicinal, an intoxifying cocktail of brown sugar, ethanol, and disinfectant.

It hurts to open your eyes, the lights are bright but it’s not that.

Moving hurts, like you haven’t moved in a long time.

Questions racing through your mind; where are you, how long have you been here, what the fork is that taste?

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Looks very spooky and atmospheric! Reminds me of another game, Tiny Room Mysteries

Thank you! We tried something a little different, for us at least, art style wise with this one so hopefully people like it when they play it!

just registered as well.......is this a free game?

Thanks for registering! It's a paid game for £4.99
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