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Help ANT+ support in ICS?


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May 23, 2011
Does anyone know of plans to implement ANT+ support in Ice Cream Sandwich?

I want to be able to use a heart rate monitor with my Gnex. I tried a Bluetooth one and it sucked! (Also lacked features I wanted)

I talked to people at Verizon and they indicated that it was a software issue and not a lack of hardware support on the Gnex.

You could probably petition some rom builders to port it over as it should already be built into the Sony versions of ICS?

Some phones don't have The hardware for it though... but it appears that the gnex does if the Verizon guys told you it does.

Good idea, that would certainly give me a reason to root and load a custom ROM!

However, I'm not 100% certain that the Verizon guy is correct on the hardware. Is there anyone out there that can confirm or deny that the Gnex can support talking the ANT+ protocol?
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