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Anti-virus android


Apr 2, 2021
Hello I'm looking for the best anti-virus possible. I believe I'm hacking, my setting changes alone, notification disappear, impossible to put a security parameter because I have a server error, an anti viru told me that I had a captive portal I'm not finding any information about it if anyone can enlighten me in advance.
i have been with android since it's inception and i have never used an anti-virus app on an android device. there really is no need for it. android does a pretty good job as far as protection from viruses. in order for a virus to be installed it will need permission from you first. so as long as you are careful on where you go online and what you install on your phone, you should be fine without it.

there are malware that can infect your phone. but it usually attaches itself in the form of an app that you download and install. sometimes it can reside in the app's cache and data. but they can easily be removed by finding the app and first wiping the app's cache and data and then un-installing the app.

a lot of people assume they have been either hacked or have a virus when things happen that they do not understand.

if you truly think that you have been hacked, then i would factory reset the phone, change all passwords and setup 2 step verification where you can.
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If you only get apps from the play store and you have a password set on your phone, then you should be relatively secure. If you download apps from any janky website then no anti-virus is going to protect you. However, what most people think as a virus or malware is actually their credentials being compromised. Either shared with someone or cracked because the user name and password are easy to guess, or god forbid, have never been changed from the default.

A true virus or malware is usually to steal data and is designed to be undetected. If weird things are happening it's probably not an infection.

A server error would only affect a specific connection to a database and wouldn't be a connectivity issue like a bad wifi password. Captive portal is a way shared network connections require a login from a web page to access the internet, like when you stay at a hotel of go to a coffee shop that requires you to accept terms of service when using their wifi.

Can you be more specific about the kinds of things you see changing?
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