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Help Any one else get "disappearing icons?"

Hey guys: I'm new to this forum. Ever since I installed VM's 2.2 update on the intercept, the icons will disappear at times, and take up to 10 seconds to reappear. It will always happen when the phone is switched from portrait to landscape, and vice-versa. It's annoying, and up until now I've used the "recent applications" (holding the home button), and most of the time I can get to what I need. Does anybody else have this problem/know a way to fix it? Thanks!
Honestly, I've found that the problem arises from low internal memory on the phone side. I had the same problem, did a factory reset (which consequently deleted all applications on the device) and now haven't had the problem since. I try to keep my available phone memory above 90MB, try installing applications that support transfer to SD card.
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