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Any thoughts on Droid Maxx?


Dec 30, 2010
Hi all,
I have an opportunity in a few weeks to claim my mother's aging Motorola Droid Maxx on Verizon as she looks to upgrade. I currently have the Evo V 4G on Virgin running PacMan ROM. There are some hiccups and the battery is starting to suffer. So I am considering taking her old phone and using it on Verizon's prepaid service ($45/month). That is more expensive than my current $35/month on Virgin, so am wondering if the switch is worth the higher cost. I imagine I will get better service on Verizon, though I am not sure if their prepaid allows 4G LTE use. I have also had a difficult time finding any info on ROMs for the Droid, so I might be stuck on ICS.
The good thing is that I can try to Droid and always come back to Virgin.
Any thoughts or suggestions as I make this decision? Things I should consider or test out while I have the Droid?
Thanks in advance,


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