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Any way to cheat at FieldRunners HD?


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Jun 6, 2010
I understand most people feel it ruins the game, but for me it is more fun. I'm not competing with anyone, just enjoying the game the way it is fun for me.

It used to be that if you are about to let a guy run through the door, you pause the game, close the app, reopen and resume .. it would start the level over again and let you rearrange the towers to try again.

But they have since changed it to save on the fly and this is no longer possible.

Or is there another way? Or does anyone know any other cheats for this game without needing ROOT?

Thanks all
Ok now im rooted, and still cant get it lol. I fired up GameCIH but it wont work on this game anymore for some reason.

still hoping for tips, i love this game, and love it even more when hacked.

Are you running ics? If so that's why gamecih doesn't work since it isn't ics supported. Give game guardian a go.

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