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Anybody used the Verizon network extender


Nov 22, 2009
So I switched to verizon from ATT for (go figure) their network. yet the signal strength in my house seems pretty shoddy. outside my house is pretty good. must be something with the walls. has anybody bought/used the network extender and had positive results?

thanks for the input.
Personally I think those things are a scam. They cost so much money and in the end they are to aid the short-comings of their network.

I am actually curious to know what the range of those extenders are and for what radius people can benefit from them. Because if the range is somewhat comparable to the range on network router's WiFi then I'd almost expect them to give somebody like me one for free, for using some of my electricity to give my neighbors better reception. :eek:

I was interested in one myself because I have the same issue as you where I get a good signal almost anywhere I go, but indoors my bars are all empty.
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I have had a sprint airave for quite a long time (before my switch to verizon 2 weeks ago), which is essentially the same thing as the verizon equivalent. Before this was available i had a fairly expensive wireless repeater system with a huge yagi antenna to point towards the tower, and an omni to repeat it across the house, and i have to say that the sprint solution works better. Repeating an already weak signal isn't ever going to work as well as transmitting one from a clean source. I dont know if the same applies to verizon, but with sprint you could call in and yell at someone in retentions and many were able to get the airave added to their account for no additional cost, it might be worth a shot with verizon as well.
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I have both a Verizon extender and a WiEx ZBoost extender. Both work as claimed, however the Verizon extender offers a stronger signal and better coverage throughout my house, but it ONLY extends the voice communications via 1x, 3G is not extended. The zBoost does boost all wireless communications, however its very sensitive to interference so placement is important and you have to have a strong signal outside your home (it can't boost the signal any more than it can receive it).
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I've been using the network extender since it came out, and it works beautifully. It covers my entire house. I don't really care that it doesn't support 3g since I use wifi in the house. It's almost paid for itself already because I canceled my Vonage account and use my cell as my only phone now.
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The network extender works exactly as advertised and has been highly reliable for me. Because of the geography and geology of the region I live in, cell phone reception is problematic for all carriers so reception inside the house was spotty. The network extender completely solved the problem. It supportsd data, but only 1X. I use Wifi when I am home.
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I had the same problem - poor coverage. I called Verizon and they sent someone out to check service. They said that coverage was acceptable in my area, noting that I live in a heavily wooded area (Oh, I guess those tall things with leaves must be trees.) and that they could not guarantee service inside my house, due to possible interference.

I've had an extender for quite a while as well and found that it works well, though the range is VERY limited: only seemw to make a difference inside my tiny house, not the 5000 feet they claim. WARNING: The only problem I had was that I originally had the minimal DSL service (768K) and had terrible reception if I was doing anything on the network with my PC. I upgraded my DSL service to 6M and haven't had a problem since. For what I need though, it's a life-saver.
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We've had the Verizon extender since last May, and it has worked extremely well. We live way out in the country and service drops when we leave the highway to travel up the 1 mile dirt road. At least with the extender I can use Verizon in the house, unlike AT&T when I had it and was constantly being charged for roaming in Mexico City - when I was sitting in a classroom in Arizona!
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I am also now using the Network Extender with a vast improvement. I also had the Wi-EX zBoost & it did not provide the same signal boost. Sold it on ebay & paid only a few more $$ for the Network Extender. I too use WiFi at home so 3x is no issue.

Question though:

On my Droid, my signal bars on the screen are low until I use the phone, then it jumps to 5 bars when I make or receive a call. Anyone else see this?

The phone is "registered" & works on the Network extender (you get a double beep before any calls or can call #48) so its semantic. But I don't get the reassuring 5bars...
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I ordered one today, getting it at a good discount. I was hoping for "free" since Verizon sent a tech out to confirm our black hole area. We are surrounded with 4-bar reception and strong 3G, just not at our house. Inside our house, there's no bars, no internet. Good to hear the favorable reviews. Here's another positive one: Verizon Network Extender Review (Phone Arena Reviews)
I'll post whether it helps or not... if not, the Droid may go back as it was going to be our primary phone. Of all carriers, ATT actually kicks butt in our area.
And one more good review... also see the user comments afterward. Very positive!
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You were hoping for free? does that happen? what are the requirements? I need one for work.. when i switched from AT&T over to verizon, it worked, for some reason now I can get 3g data but I can't make/receive calls most the time in my office and I get no warning of this. I get all bars and "3G" on my phone.. sometimes it will drop to 1x but i get no visual on loosing voice.. maybe it is the phone?

they told be to dial *228.. has that worked for anyone?
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*228 didn't do anything for me. As for the extender, other guys suggested that I shoot for "free", and even a rep a the the Verizon store said that I should ask for "free" when I call the main Verizon line. So yeah, I was hoping, but at least I got a hefty discount. It should come in today, I'll try it tonight, and post the results... based on all the reviews, I don't see why it wouldn't work.
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1/2 of the original price of $250. The final price was $125. They mentioned that they were doing this "only" because they sent a tech out there to confirm, so in my case, their maps were not 100% correct. Oddly, I can actually walk over to my neighbors yard about 200 feet away and get 4 bars and 3G...
In the cnet review that I posted above, one of the user reviews has a guy saying that he ordered right off the Verizon site when they were offering a rebate, plus he used a coupon code and got it sent for $160. Other posters on this forum and others have said they got it free if they were stern enough. Obviously there is some negotiating room and I probably could have done better if I would have pushed harder. However, I must say through all of this, Verizon has been the most professional group I've ever worked with regarding cellphones issues and day-to-day business.
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These things are a ripoff imo.. why should we be forced to pay an extra $100-250 just to get service in our homes when we're already paying $150+/mo. They should give them to you and make you return them when/if you cancel your account.

Not only that.. but even if you do get one.. you still use up minutes making calls with it, when it's using your internet that you pay extra for.
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I got an extender the other day and after 48 hours, and 3 reps later, one of which knew what he was doing, I finally got it to work.

Some things I learned, the red GPS light may actually mean a network/router problem (such as in my case) and nothing to do with your GPS.

Also, once locked in, you can move the unit anywhere. Once my extender was set up, I disconnected the GPS cable, snapped the module back into the unit, and stuck the unit INSIDE my cabinet. It still works great; I get signal at all corners of my house (6000sq ft spread out on 3 floors).

Do note that my HTC Inc does not display the 4 bars, unless a call is made or received. This is a known bug and not clear if it is Verizon's or HTC's fault.

Best thing, I got the unit for $65--It sold for $199 with a $100 rebate. However, the rebate form is not available, and after calling enough reps, they applied the credit to my account, and added $35 for my "trouble." All in all, worth it.
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