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Root anyon get the Netflix app to work on indulge

Yes you can!

Install playon.

You have to subscribe to playon just as you do netflix, but its only $5 bucks a month. And once you install it, you not only get netflix but you get live cable TV, like TNT, ESPN, Disney, Nick, TLC, FOX, Comedy Central, and HULU!!! and way more! Check it out!!

You have to install it on your pc first, then on your indulge. Once you run it once on your phone connected to the same wifi your pc is on, then you are able to run it anywhere.

$5 a month or $19 a year.
PlayOn | Watch Hulu, CBS.com, MLB.tv, Netflix, and more on your TV with PlayOn!

And if you have an Xbox, you can even run playon on it too
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PlayOn is pretty popular - one of the other mods turned me on to it.

Remember - it's just a streaming tool - you still need to get the service(s) you want to stream (Netflix, etc.)

Disadvantage - more costs.

Advantage - as you say, tends to work on any Android, mostly hassle-free.

Just mentioning this as a follow on because I've read so many successes and fails during this early Netflix porting period - so this is a good workaround to be aware of.

Cheers, carry on. ;)
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netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk crashed after login
netflix-mod-2.apk seems to work but can never contact the Netflix server over LTE, 1X, or wifi. I also tried disabling the proxy on my phone but it made no difference. I have not edited /system/build.prop

I firmly believe the error message is incorrect
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Sorry I didn't realize it was against the rules to link to the app. I didnt consider the license type since it is available free from the market.

Next time I will not direct link it but rather link to another forum that may or may not have the file :)

Btw the new version doesnt work anyways :D
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I understand the frustration and the apparent hypocrisy - but rules are rules and lawyers are lawyers and we all gotta do what we gotta do.

In most cases we don't allow even linking to other sites - invariably they tend to involve warez. But with root stuff, if XDA for example wants to manage to that, fine, that's their deal.

Our deal is just peaceful user help getting the square answers.

BTW - appreciate you taking the front on this issue here.
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