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Anyone else having this problem?


Nov 30, 2009
Hi all,

New to this forum. Love the Droid. It's awesome. Just wish there were sound profiles that could easily change settings like on my old BlackBerry.

Anyway, has anyone else run into this issue with the stock email app (non-GMail)?

Every night before I go to bed, I set all the messaging applications to silent. That includes GMail, the email app (for my non-GMail accounts), the SMS/MMS messaging app, GTalk, etc. I need to keep the phone on overnight because I sometimes receive calls that I need to answer at 3AM, but don't want to be woken up by some random email.

Anyway, the email app (non-GMail) seems to reset to the Default Ringtone setting at some point in the middle of the night because I've woken up to "DROOOOOOID!" at about 7AM when I didn't expect to from an email that wandered into my non-GMail account.

Anyone else having this issue? How can I resolve it?


I have not had this problem, but I use my phone as an alarm clock so I need alarms up, notifications and rings off - so this problem hits close to home for me.

What I do, and this works for me, is I downloaded Quick Settings. Every night before bed, I open it from my notification bar (love that feature), go to Volume Control, and set EVERYTHING but "alarm volume" to nothing, and alarm volume to as high as possible.

So far I've gotten calls and emails overnight, with no noise, but my alarms work flawlessly.

Hope this helps!
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I'm using an app called Profiles (also tried Quick Profiles) that lets you create named profiles for volume, tone, brightness, and network settings. I keep a shortcut on the home screens and can quickly switch between profile configurations. So a night profile has only the alarm volume at non-zero while one for work sets vibrate and volume at zero except for multimedia.
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I've tried the profile apps and I'm not really happy with them. I guess I'll have to figure out another workaround or wait for another app to get to the marketplace.

How's this for wierd?

So I figured if the ringtone notification on my non-GMail app kept resetting from silent to default overnight, I'll simply change the "check for email frequency" from my regular 15 minutes to NEVER. Guess what I learned? The stupid non-GMail email app reset that too back to 15 minutes!

How's that for aggravating! It seems that no matter what I do I'll be forever annoyed by emails streaming into my non-GMail account.

Please will someone help me find a solution? Is there something buggy on my Droid? Maybe the 12/11 update will fix it?
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