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Anyone ever purchase a phone through A4C.com?


Nov 30, 2009
They have the LG G3 for $399.95 and claim it is brand new, but in bulk packaging. The bulk packaging part concerns me. I would love to jump on this deal, but am thinking I should stay away. Does anyone have any experience with buying anything in bulk packaging from them? I'm concerned it is a refurb or something along those lines even though they claim it is brand new.
While I've never bought a phone from A4C,formerly known as ALL4CELLULAR,I've ordered plenty of items from them over the past 3 yrs w/o any issues whatsoever.

It's advertised as new,so,I see no reason why the warranty wouldn't be covered by LG.

Also,if you use PAYPAL to checkout,you're protected against fraudulent/misrepresented purchases.

I'd say contact A4C w/any questions regarding warranties/returns/exchanges/refunds & make your decision.

If possible,ask for the ESN/IMEI on the device that they're gonna ship & run a check via VZW to ensure that you're getting a brand-new device.
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I will try calling them on Monday because apparently they aren't open on weekends.

I did email them several times through their website and also their eBay auction and the only response I get is that they are "new and in bulk packaging".

I asked if it has a clean ESN, if they come with the original charger and they had ever been activated and they would not answer those via email.
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Yep,closed on the weekends:

A4C.com: Customer Login

If after contacting them Monday & they're still seemingly evasive/side-stepping your concerns,then perhaps a pass on this would be in order.

This isn't the same A4C I grew accustomed to dealing with.
I had an RMA that was taken care of w/o any fuss at all (B/T Headset,I believe,it's been a while).

However,anything & everything is subject to change.
As for ratings for this business,a GOOGLE Search will net results that run the gamut.

Please keep us posted on events as they unfold.
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Didn't notice this on the home PC (at work ATM),BUT,A4C's ad is splattered atop this page when browsing this thread,advertising this very phone.

Bait & switch,to buy other wares on their site. :mad:

Marking this seller off the recommend list..............

pretty much so.

G3 will be $399 at some point in the future, except we don't know when :)
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pretty much so.

G3 will be $399 at some point in the future, except we don't know when :)

YESSIREEEEEEE! 'Tis a bit early for such Christmas presents........ :D

It was worth a look-see anyway,sometimes (not often) a good deal comes along,much like the LG OG PRO that I picked up direct from AMAZON for $60 (very good condition).

They don't come along often,but,man,when they do,it's a rush..... ;)
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