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Help anyone had there power button fail??

Thanks. I'll have to head to my local Verizon store.

My husband just spent 44 years working for them so I can always play that card!

Verizon Wireless hasn't been around for 44 years...? If you mean the telecom company, formerly Bell Atlantic/GTE now Verizon Telecom they could care less. Two different companies in their eyes, figure Verizon Telecom employees only get a 20% discount on the cell phone bill, where other companies get up to 30%. Verizon Telecom and Verizon Wireless only have two things in common, one greedy executive and the word "Verizon." And if you want to include a third...spending money in a lot of the wrong places.

But to the topic on hand, Verizon's warranty replacement is pretty darn good, never had a bad experience. And I've seen a few people reporting an issue with the power button breaking or not working reliably.
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