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Anyone have google voice voicemail working?


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Jan 19, 2014
Has anyone figured how to use Google Voice as the primary voicemail provider on this phone with Boost? I tried to install GV and activate it, but it told me that my provider doesn't support auto configuration (or something like that). My searching has only turned up posts from years ago, most saying that GV voicemail can not be used with Boost.

The stock voicemail app is working fine for me, but it's not as good as GV, and I hate the fact that it is so "in your face" about trying to get you to pay for added services.

Note for rooted folks: If you disable com.sprint.extension and com.lge.sprintextension, then the stock voicemail app doesn't work.
I don't think I was getting any voicemail notification at all when I had those 2 services disabled.

Regarding GV voicemail in general, it worked great on my wife's last phone, which was on Pageplus (a Verizon mvno), so it does work with some prepaid services.
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Unfortunately GV voicemail doesn't work on Sprint Prepaid either.

At first it looks promising:


But then the actual integration doesn't work:

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