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Root Anyone willing to help.

Once you SBF to .340 boot your phone into manual recovery (hold power and home, release power once the phone begins to boot but continue to hold home until you get the android with the ! then press the search key). Once in manual recovery wipe your phone (factory reset) a couple of times. Reboot. The root your phone (z4root) and reboot into cwm recovery via D2bootstrap. Once in recovery flash the 3 files for .588 and to prevent any issues I'd wipe again. Do not leave recovery until your sure you flashed all 3 .588 files. Reboot. From this point your phone is rooted. You can reinstall D2bootstrap and flash .595.
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sry bud i was at a birthday party, and no service, but the above explanation is what you need to do.

you just need to remember maderstcok does not work, it bootloops you trying to go to gb, once on on 340 froyo you need to reroot, download dx or d2 bootstrapper from what im told, boot into cwm and wipe data and cache, and instlal the 3 files for .588 once you have down that, you can just wipe data and cache and install the apex version, but you must follow the directions EXACTLY! in the apex 2.0 thread
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