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Nov 27, 2009
Anyone tried this keyboard on the Eris? It's working great on mine. I like it so much better than the regular HTC keyboard. It's almost just like the standard Android keyboard but with different placements of buttons. You can even adjust the amount of vibration you get while typing each key. To enable it, go to locale & text, and select the check box. Then when you're about to type a message, long press the text box, choose select input method, then select AnySoftKeyboard.
I got the TalkToMe keyboard a couple of days ago. Onscreen keyboard is pretty good (more standard Android-ish) but not better than the Eris. The voice-to-text capability is surprisingly good. Nice being able to speak notes and such into the phone when it's not convenient to type.

A related question - are there any soft keyboards out there that have cursor keys? Having to touch in a text box to position the cursor is way too hard.

[edit] - scratch that - I just answered my own question. Don't know why it never occurred to me to use the trackball to move the cursor. Duh
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Hah, it's surprising how often I forget the trackball is even there. I swear for the first 2 weeks I had the phone whenever I made a typo in a txt msg, I kept trying to press my finger to move the cursor, which was kinda hard to do. Finally one day it occurred to me that maybe I could use the trackball!
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I have handcent and anykeyboard... I almost always use anykeyboard .. I don't use T9 anymore so that feature isn't missed but handcent looks so much better and has a slightly nicer feel to it but it IMO is not as accurate and the auto correct isn't on par with anysoftkeyboard
They are both huge upgrades over stock
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