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App manager restore?


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Jan 11, 2010
Columbus, Oh
Sorry if this has ben covered...i downloaded appmanager(yellow with blue gear)for my factory reset. All went well apps are back on from sd but since they are not in my market anymore I won't be able to update. question is i if go back and dl Over them from the market will that cause issues or duplicates? Or will I be alright?
I've not used AppManager, but one of its intentions is to let you regress to a previous version of an app you may have backed up in the event that a later version is somehow borked.

You won't end up with installed duplicates.

I use other backup apps that seem quite similar and have the same concern but with overwriting the backups.

In my case, I simply keep folder called EVO_backups on my laptop, and under that are folders named by dates, and within each is a copy/paste snapshot of my SD card. That way, no matter what the apps do - right down to the backup program changing - I can go back to any point in time with my apps and I don't worry about what the phone thinks is latest and greatest.

Hope that helps.
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