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App that detects youve entered your house.


May 20, 2011
Right this seems quite tricky and I couldnt really find any decent search results as I had absolutely no idea what to google :p

Basically an App that detects you're at home/work or other places and will then change your phones settings accordingly. Things like turn on bluetooth ( to transfer files to laptop, but if left on all the time will help drain battery). I assume it would be somewhat possible for it to do this if it recognised your wifi networks? Otherwise perhaps an actual switch/profile system?
How does it detect the home network if the thing that detects the network is off? Dubious

As mentioned, I can set WiFi zones. Think it uses GPS coordinates from cell phone tower to recognize locations. As mentioned, it turns on when it is within the area. After one leaves the area, it will turn off WiFi after failing to connect. One can also set it to turn on at specific time intervals with peak/ non peak and night options. E.g. Peak - hourly, non peak - 2 hourly, night - go offline into aeroplane mode for example. From my experience, it helps save battery life.
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I'm looking into PhoneWeaver and AutomateIt and see if they are better than Llama :D

PhoneWeaver has a 12 days trial period and then you have to buy it. It's the most expensive at 3.99. Both AutomateIt and Llama are $1.50 and you get a full ad version. If all three do the same things, AutomateIt or Llama would do the job.

AutomateIt has a nicer UI than Llama but when I try to set up cell towers profiles, it doesn't seem to be picking up any cell towers?
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