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App to read pdf files that always shows the lines or some lines with a line break (no scrolling)?


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May 23, 2013
Is there an app I can use to read e.g. pdf files that shows the lines or some lines with a line break? Or may be another way to read pdf files without horizontally scrolling?

Say a pdf has different fonts / font sizes, paragraphs, etc. just like it is common, a pdf like usual. And I want the lines of a special format being shown with a line break so I do not need to scroll horizontally all the time when reading.

There is an app, that does break the lines but it does it with all of the lines and removes all of the formats, e.g. marked text so there is no structure anymore and makes it hard to find special lines.
maybe copy the pdf into a word processor and add lines to it.
The content of the pdf? Sorry, what for? Why adding lines? What lines?

i never heard of an app that does what you are asking. for me personally i have never saw a need for lines on pdf's.
Actually the need should occur when one reads a pdf on a small screen, e.g. a smartphone, one all the time has to scroll to the right and back.
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Not true at all.

What PDF reader are you using?
These ones:

Try Document Viewer instead.
Many thanks for the link. Yes, already is installed (I guess it is this one the arrow points to), but does not work here obviously, does not open any pdf, just shows a white screen, no error message:

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