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Help Appbrain App Recovery


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Feb 8, 2010
On the edge
I had to restore factory settings to my device because Gmail stopped working and since you cannot remove and add the account back I needed to reset the device. I thought Appbrain had an app recovery option because when I downloaded it again it was completely void of the apps I had previously downloaded. Is that the case?

Also, one would think that a paid app (homerun battle) would save your progress but alas it has started me off from the beginning (even though it still recalled my players name).
I had this problem the first time I used AppBrain on my Eris. What I did, adter re-installing all apps, and syncing with AppBrain, was to copy all apps in AppBrain to a new profile in App Brain.

Then, I copied them back to my primary profile, after AppBrain deleted them (after syncing the wiped Eris), then re-synced, and AppBrain sent the apps down to the phone.

Kind of confusing, I agree, but it worked.
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