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Apple Ipad 64gb

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Matty Mo

Android Enthusiast
Oct 16, 2010
I am trying to sell my Apple Ipad 64gb. It has wifi and data options. It is in perfect condition like it was never used. Have the box and all the things that came with it. Also the black apple case that you buy from the apple store ($40). I would have returned this but I am 32 days since I bought it and they won't except returns past 30. I would be open to trades but nonthing besides sprint if it was a phone. Plus cash of course. No lowballs thiss is pratically new so I won't entertain low offers.
Um i dont know as of right now there is a offer for 745 right now, so it would have to compete with that. It is actually in the box in my closet just chillen... It is 840 brand new, with the stock case from apple which was 30. I used it a whole two days and went back to my macbook... So really it is like a brand new.
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UPDATE: Macbook just took a big dump on my face... I am now willing to trade this beautiful near new/mint/perfect Ipad with the original box, oem black apple case, and everything that came with it for a laptop! Would prefer an apple even if that means i have to add cash on my end to make up the difference, or if you have to add cash on your end to make up for your difference. Either way shoot me an pm with your ideas!
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