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Root "apply after main flash .zip"


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Aug 1, 2011
hmmmmm one thing - can I just apply the XT860 Sub-Patch now? as is? or what procedure should I follow? meaning erase all 3 caches... apply main CyanogenMod patch and then XT860 sub-patch and then Google-apps patch?

Assuming that you have already flashed CM9 and GApps, you can restart into Safestrap and just flash that zip and then restart. Wiping cache/Dalvik will not hurt. I wouldn't wipe data/factory reset unless you want to rebuild everything from scratch.

All that flash does is to replace the /system/build.prop file, the /system/lib/libmoto_ril.so file, and to delete the file /system/app/GlobalNWSwitch.apk.

[edit] Oh, you may want to Nandroid backup before flashing, just in case.
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