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Apps for showing off


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Nov 1, 2009
I need some trendy apps/games to show off my Hero. I had my work xmas lunch yesterday and at the end someone whipped out their iphone and everyone started crowding round :rolleyes:. I'm not necessary looking for anything sophisticated or lasting, I just want people to go 'hey that's pretty cool' when I show them my Hero. All I've got at the moment is google skymap and tricorder, both of which are a bit too nerdy if you know what I mean.

Since there are apps that let you control a computer remotely over a network, it's to bad there isn't an app that let's you control a friend/coworker's iPhone remotes over the network. ;-)

I don't know, it's a toughy. Given how many apps already exit for iPhone, there are lots of apps that do what the iPhone can do as well (or in some cases better maybe) but there aren't really many things that Android has that iPhone _doesn't_ have?

I would argue that it's not the apps those people are crowding around to see, it's the iPhone itself. The iPhone is "trendy" and "popular" like a movie star because of its marketing. People like to be close to, or a party of, trendy cool things so they will seem as trendy or cool.

iPhone is the popular jock or cheerleader in highschool.

Android is the geek/goth/emo kid. ;-)
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i dont really want this to turn into an iphone v android thread. i just want some neat apps. for example, this guy at my xmas dinner had a game where you knock this rag doll down some stairs. People loved it. also he had other really simple apps like one where you find out where your car was first sold from. stupid but kind of fun.

i know there's tons of rubbish pointless apps out there, i just want to know what the best rubbish pointless apps are for android. if that makes sense?
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I guess it would be nice to have something to not just match but even beat the iPhone, otherwise it's just going to sound whiney: "oh, but I have that too".

It seems that the frame rate (on my Galaxy) is considerably lower than the iPhone, so you might wanna stay away from games. I don't know if this is specific to the Galaxy, or if Android is just more lax about screen updates :p but it's definitely affecting even the simplest of games (like Friction Mobile).

I'd show off some of the things that the iPhone can't do -- such as the widgets (plenty of things to choose from there), changing to a different Input Method (different keyboard layout, or perhaps the handwriting one). (But that would expose you to jabs about how crummy text selection is in Android. :rolleyes:) You could also record a new ring tone (with, say, Droid Record & Ringdroid) -- I don't think the iPhone will let you do that? Show off multitasking by simultaneously syncing your email, playing a podcast, and surfing in a couple of browser windows. Or simply change the background to a photo you just took!

If you have a Galaxy, you can always blind ;) your audience with Glowing Pear! Seriously, a certain kind of banal apps are always going to impress people beyond any reason: flatulence, guns, and other sound boards; light saber apps (hey, you could have a phone-on-phone duel!), and other fun doodads.
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Bar Control lets you put shortcuts to apps in the notification tray for easy/quick access. Does iPhone have something similar?

I use it to stick shortcuts to turning my WiFi, Bluetooth, and APNs on and off so I don't have to have shortcuts or widgets for them on my home screen (I like to keep it tidy)

I also use AnyCut to make one-touch direct dialing and direct txt messaging shortcuts on my home screen.

The MoreIcons widget also lets me put 3 icons in the space of one shortcut to save space and keep my home screen nice and tidy. As a result, I have only 4 icon spots taken up on my home screen. On the bottom row I have A direct dial shortcut to my wife's cell, one to my home, and a direct txt shortcut to my wife's cell. In the fourth spot, using MoreIcons I have the dialer, the messaging app, and Contacts app all in the space of one icon. Droid does THAT! ;-)

And speaking of the home screen, does iPhone allow for home replacemnt apps and themes?
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