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Apps got from Market


Sep 7, 2011
I have downloaded apps from Market and rejected a few of them. Can I share with you the DL'd and rejected and why?

Friom 9.1. got: --------------
titanium backup - REMOVED as needed rooting
jewellust - not at all addictive like bejeweled (had on my Code)
andros file mgr - useful to locate my doc and text and pdf files
barcode scanner - tried on food packages and worked most of time
word twist
tiny flashlight by nikolay - amazing brightness on just basic light
tunein - drops out a lot, phone shuts down needing restart app
official ebay android app
juice defender battery saver - rejected, failed, forget why now
appinstaller - tried on one app and it worked
dejaoffice - good app tho freezes or "force close" several times a day -
used with companionLink (to sync MSOutlook w android) on pc
repligo pdf reader, editor
amazon mobile
Random Mahjong by Paul Burkey - this one exciting to play
painting findings - a spot the diff game w/ images painfully small
apps 2 sd - works well, tho not on every app
Memory Trainer by Urbian - tried it, liked it tho erratic, will play again
Screen Capture Shortcut Free tomorrowkey - REMOVED as needed rooted
password keeper
moboplayer - skittish controls tho flawless playback, froze once on SoParkLonger.
No Root Screenshot It (paid thru Google 4.99/5.34 on 9.6.11) and it loaded within a minute to cel. Must connect to computer EACH DAY to use it.
skyfire browser and 2.99 video license to play flash - failed so rejected, uninstalled, REPLACED w/ Dolphin ok
cool reader - bizarre look takes getting used to, tho may use
thinkfree mobile - still trying to use it, skittish screens, hard to edit
maybe a few others not yet put in my list...

Items above with no comment not used yet or not enough to judge. Note that any complaints above may have to do with me. I have ordered a capacitive? stylus from Ebay to use instead of fingertip, so some issues I have with skittish screens may vanish. On some softwares REJECTED, this often my fault for not carefully reading the specs or requirements.

Market made it easy for me to dl these apps, however made it nearly impossible to request a refund where promised. I still have not received refund for the failed rejected Skyfire video license I paid for. Anyone got a contact tel?

I almost have everything I want on this Admire. Biggest timewaster: about six hours searching web for a calendar app to use on computer and android cell. I have used "OUCHtlook" for years, finally had to upgrade it for "Goodle" to use it, then as that failed, now on verge of using Companionlink - their trial did sync one way, and to keep it must pay outrageous sum of fifty bucks. Why does everything having to do with "Mickeysoft" cost so much? This will be my last phone conversion.
Thanks for sharing your list!

With regards to CompanionLink and DejaOffice - if you have any questions, I'm here to help. We also offer free support at http://www.companionlink.com/support/contact.html if you need any technical help!

Lastly, I wanted to let you know we've actually got a deal running right now on CompanionLink. If you enter the code 10BIONIC in the "Affinity Code" box at checkout, you'll save $10! The deal goes through Oct. 1, 2011.

- David Z.
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David, ten bucks off. That is a fair cut. I found it acceptable and ordered today. However, you should know that Paypal does not work to pay for your software, even tho you have a big yellow icon at the bottom. Whenever I clicked it, it removed your affinity code discount. I had to use a credit card. :mad:

For you guys on the fence about this sw, I did say above it worked for me one way, because I set it to sync one way. My comment in no way means it will not do anything else it promises, like two-way sync back and forth between cell and computer. It has a beautiful simplified interface, and after the harrowing hurdle of setting it up (they provide details howto), it has so far worked flawlessly. :p

I hope C-link sells enough of their sw so they can yank down the price more in line with most android market apps. Still, due to relentless stratospheric prices like this, I will strive to do without Mickysoft at all in the long run. :rolleyes:

Added today another app:
biorhythms by alexey - readable chart display, few features, no instructions
and tested no root screenshot - works well, taskbar icon useless
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However, you should know that Paypal does not work to pay for your software, even tho you have a big yellow icon at the bottom. Whenever I clicked it, it removed your affinity code discount. I had to use a credit card.

The Paypal/discount code is a known issue. We're looking into a better way of handling that - I apologize for the inconvenience! For anyone who hasn't bought, but would like to via Paypal with a discount code like the one above, we can manually refund the discount amount. It's not a perfect solution, I know, but it works while we look into a better way.

- David Z.
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