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Help Apps not working with 3G Data connection


Apr 8, 2012
Hello All,

I'm from India and i have a Vodafone 3G connection for my S2. I can browse through Internet browser on my phone but strangely, none of the apps which require data connection are not opening such as Gmail app or FB app.

Is it a problem with my data connection or something to do with my phone settings? Please advise.

hey shaz14, i have same issue...
i can browse through the default browser of SII and from there i can also log in to my gmail and youtube account....But non of the apps works...Youtube error : "there was a problem starting up.Please check your network connection and system time"
Gmail log in says "Can't establish a reliable data connection to server"
phone i new and i have not rooted or done anything yet to it...but so frustrated that i might do something on it soon....
So please if anyone had the same problem and were able to solve the issue, please suggest and help out...
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It need not be a phone specific issue. This could happen if your APN setting is missing the internet APN. You might be having the APN for gprs and mms, but there are chances that your provider missed to send you your APN for internet. Do a quick google for the internet APN settings of your provider and enter it in there.

A sample internet APN setting for !dea would look like the following.

name : idea_internet
apn : internet
apn type : internet

Please do try it out. This would solve the issue with all your communication apps. I had the same on my galaxy S3 and this fixed my issue.

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