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Apps you can't live without?


Dec 14, 2011
I am new to this board, and new to the Motorola Triumph. Since I know people here take their phone seriously, I was wondering some of your favorite apps. So far my favorite are

Dolphin Browser HD
Music Junk
Multi Sms
Speed Test

Some ones I'm looking for are a good music player ( one that can download album art, and let me change the name of the track/artist in the application), possibly a more intuitive camera app, and others I can not think of at this time.

Also, on a side note, I have my facebook synced to my phone, but my contacts do not have their facebook pictures displayed , or links to their profiles. If someone could help with that or any suggestions I would appreciate it very much.
Kindle App (Amazon books)
CoolReader (epub books)

EnhancedEmail - Good email client.

CalenGoo - Nice views and seems to be fully functional.
BatteryMix - Nice graphs of power usage and lots of details when you dive in.
UltraCron - Cool timer, makes me wish I had more stuff to time.
Phandroid - Able to read this site on my phone.
GoSMS - Great if you ever have have the need to send a single SMS to a group.
SwiftKey X - best $0.10 app ever. Now I can actually enter data on the virtual keyboard.
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Below is a list I posted over at HowardForums.

Of course, since thing is a VM thread, I'll also add:

- Minutes Checker: Virgin Mobile

Here are a few of the free apps I use, in no particular order, all from the regular Android Market:

- Parcels: Track packages, with notifications

- TV listings for Android

- Key Ring Rewards Cards: So you can scan your rewards cards, and not have to keep them all in your wallet.

- WiFi Analyzer

- My Tracks: To track your walks and such via GPS.

- Bluetooth File Transfer: A file manager, and you can also transfer via BlueTooth to other phones, your PC, and other devices. I recently used it to transfer some files off my old phone to my new phone via BlueTooth.

- Pandora internet radio

- GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas

- Battery Watcher Widget

- Missed Call Reminder: For Phone, MMS, SMS messages

- Craigslist: Automatic notifications for your searches

- QuickPic: Much batter than Gallery

- DiskUsage: Graphically shows what is using your app space and SD card space (among others)

- Remote WAV Free: For playing WAV formatted voicemail messages you receive in your e-mail, like from Comcast/XFinity voicemail.
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All downloaded FREE from Android Market!! :)

Functional Apps:

Voice Search
Color Notes
Handcent SMS
Pocket Cloud
Google Maps
Advanced Task Killer
Brightest Flashlight

3D Bowling
Virtual Table Tennis
Crazy Garage
Police Scanner Radio


iHeart Radio

Go Launcher
HD Backgrounds

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Lookout mobile security (a must have)...Switched to Norton mobile security.
Best Buy
CBS News
USA Today
Cut the rope
flash Player
Fun Putt Mini Golf
lg Camcorder
Camera..The one I installed that was mentioned in this forum
Juice Defender Ultimate
Lock Screen Setings
Madden NFL 12
Quick Setings
Raging Thunder 2
Scan Life
TV Guide mobile
Video Catcher
Weather Bug elite
YP Mobile
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Facebook - When the devs don't mess it up..
Mr. Number - Great for blocking calls from numbers that keep calling with no message
GO EX Launcher Pro - Love how much I can customize it with out rooting
GO Locker - Custom lock screens
Spotify - Music Everywhere I go no interuptions
RemoteLink (Onstar) - For my car.. I can start it from where ever I am as long as I have a wifi connection or 3g.. and check the status of my car ie Tire Pressure of each tire, life of the oil, how much gas I have left and how far I can drive on that tank...love it!
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-Evernote (my favorite)
-Swipepad!! (very useful and free)
-Fruit ninja (game)
-Widgetsoid (custom power control widget)
-Infinite design (draw/create)
-Zeam (launcher) i have tried them all. i have really been appreciating the simplicity of this launcher and needed a change.
-Swype (keyboard-sounds like you got it downloaded) i almost for got the amazing swype...i don't know how i would text without it!! If you have not ..you really should give it a try for a few days to get use to it. i thought i would hate a phone without a qwerty but I type sooo fast now i don't miss it at all!

changed my mind hope this works
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