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Root aps2sd prob

Ok iv read thro dans thread again and noticed it says that if a2sd has more free space than used then its not working and when using quick system info im only using 21% is there anyway to rectify the problem. Cheers in advance

You misread.

I said if the free space shows less than the total space then it is working.
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It depends how many apps you have. App data remains in internal, and some a2sd scripts (DarkTremor, I'm looking at you!) leave the Dalvik there as well unless you specifically tell them not to (something a lot of GingerVillain users have been discovering recently).

Then with gingerbread there seem to be some apps that use internal memory anyway: FlashPlayer 10.1 is 11.something MB, but with GingerVillain putting it "on phone" eats 7 MB of real internal storage (which you can free by moving it "to SD" in the Android way). I need to do some digging to understand why this (and a couple of others) are different from most.

But to give you an example, I'm currently using 200 MB of a2sd storage and 70 MB of internal.
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