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Jan 13, 2012
Tab 7.7 & Samsung`s own HS3000 Bluetooth headphone, WOW what a difference with apt-X over the regular Bluetooth SBC codec another compelling reason for the 7.7 :D

"apt-X provides high quality coding, and in broadcast applications is suitable for AM, FM, DAB, HD Radio and 5.1. apt-X can handle up to 4 stereo pairs of AES3 audio and compress to 1 AES3 stream for transmit. apt-X offers either 16-bit, 20-bit or 24-bit resolution. For 16-bit audio, the bitrate for apt-X is 384 kbit/s (2-channel), 767 kbit/s (4-channel), 1024 kbit/s (5.1-channel), and 1.28 Mbit/s (5.1 channels plus stereo). APTX's official claim is that apt-X at 56 kbit/s rate provides a quality comparable to CD"

Same tracks played over Bluetooth on the Tab 7.7 are noticeably of better quality than on a Galaxy Note or iPhone 4 with the same hardware (Samsung HS3000). With apt-X providing a cleaner, more transparent reproduction, not audiophile quality admittedly, yet apt-X delivers an improved clarity and a depth of sound, tighter bass, highs are a little more extended.

Same for any HD movie; the soundtrack is in general improved over the SBC codec, a more robust and solid reproduction, not a massive improvement but noticeable.

For a wireless solution the compromise is acceptable, I was also impressed by the 7.7`s range far exceeding any other Bluetooth device I have tried to date.



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