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Are there any apps to save text as a conversation?


May 17, 2021
Hello everyone

First, I hope that my question is in the right place, if I shall change the topic please let me know or just directly change it if you can and notify me then.

My question is:
Are there any mobile apps that can save text in a form of a conversation?
As in, there are chat boxes one 'from me' and the other 'to me'. Also if it can include voice messages.

Hope the question is clear.
As I was thinking about this, I had in mind the thought that probably such software may be used by film makers or writers if they wanted to save a script, as in they are people who need such a thing. Yet I don't know I'm just guessing.
I've used this in the past:

It doesn't save the conversation in chat bubbles but it still breaks up the messages in a readable manor. But it also can restore conversations so that you could get screenshots or whatever.

The only thing I'm not sure about is voice messages. But I know for sure it will back up images and text messages.
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Hi there! I just want to share a little, hope it would help. This is what I did with my Cherry Mobile FB100 phone. After reading messages, I checked/highlighted the ones I want to keep and put it in the archive. The next time I open new messages, its not there anymore, but if I want to open those messages that I saved, I just have to open the archive and type from there so that every conversations we had from the very beginning will be saved.
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