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Are these batteries worth buying?

I'm not sure about those ones other than I've heard good things about zero lemon, but it's their really big ones I've heard about.

Personally I opted for the anker ones, good reviews over a variety of devices, and certainly I've had no issue with them so far(over a month now!) They are a tiny bit bigger in size, but talking really small, the stock battery cover etc fits and I got the stuff for
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I wouldn't recommend Hyperion batteries to anyone. I bought some last year for my Galaxy Note, which were supposed to be 2500 mah; when in reality they were 1600 mah. All you had to do is remove the outer label to prove it.

Anker batteries on the other hand are high quality. I have used them on both my Note and GS4. I've never had any problems and they've kept me extremely happy. They are around the same price as the batteries you had listed.

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Cool. I'm hearing good things about Anker. I might just go with them.
Also does anyone know if the Zero Lemon batteries i linked above are the same size as the stock Battery?
They're 3000mAH, so i suspect they might be a little larger.
I'd probably suspect the same as you but there is possibility that if the zero lemon ones don't allow Nfc to be used then they could have kept it at the stock size!
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