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Are we all OCD ???


Jul 28, 2010
It is after all only a phone.

Why do so many of us go through these forums over something quite insignificant ? :D

I did it before over a Garmin Sat Nav unit FFS :mad: and now I am doing it again:mad:

I would hazard a guess that 80% of posters only spend 20% as much time using their phone and 60% less time living there lives !

Maybe a sticky should be honest and say:-

How can I make my phone faster... Use it as a phone
How can I organise favourites... Only have phone contacts
Do I need a taskiller... It is a phone, not a computer
How can I improve battery life... Use it as a phone
My Camera is crap/blurred/slow...... Buy a camera
My video is jerky Buy a camcorder
Sat Nav voice is annoying... But a Sat Nav Unit
Voice search is crap... Yep
Do I need to update to Froyo... Not if you can make calls
Should I worry about viruses... Not if you don't download shit
The speaker quality is crap... Get an MP3 Player
Can I customise my phone... If you can be arsed
Will customising my phone earn me cred... No
Can I root my phone... Yes with hassle
Why would I root my phone... **** knows
Can I overclock my phone... Do callers need to speak faster
Do I need to get out more... Yes

ok ok, I know we are paying a lot for this phone, but no more than we did back in the day for a BRICK that had no connection and a two foot aerial !!!

The glitches will be sorted, in the meantime lets enjoy our brilliant Desires:D

Sitting back waiting for the flamers.....bring it on
I understand your drift but remember, this is just like a hobby. Man has a tendency to always try and be better, stronger faster an so on, in the same light it is just good sport to try and squeeze out the last drop of possible performance from your Desire. Same reason why people overclock their otherwise fine computers i guess.

Just to add, just let me poinout that if this forum or your phone gives you pleasure by just fiddling with it or reading about tweaks..then good for you bro, the same service with a psychologist will cost you 200-300 bucks per hour so this is far cheeaper ;)
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Smartphones are probably closer to computers than phones. The Desire has a calculator, web browser, email, applications, office suite, etc etc... Very little of the software is actually phone related!

If you wanted a basic phone why on earth would you buy one of the most advanced smartphones on the planet?

My fiancee's mum has a phone that she got for free by collecting five tokens in a newspaper... now THAT's a basic phone :D
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lol. like fried said, may as well get a dumbphone. Anyway most of your answers start with "buy a ..". Maybe not everyone is as rich as you, or has as many pockets to buy and carry all these devices around with them.

My phone isn't just my phone, its my portable mp3 player, gaming device and internet portal. In fact its probably inaccurate to call it my phone, as thats more a secondary function really.
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If my MAC or netbook got destroyed I'd be pissed off but could cope quite easily without them. If however my phone got destroyed, everyday social and work related task become extremely difficult and time consuming. A smartphone is now a vital utility for a lot of people and can be used in just about every aspect of life with actual phone calls only being a small part of it.
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Personally I didn't really buy my Desire with wanting a phone. I really don't use the phone part at all. I wanted a gadget that I could use to play MP3s, and store files on. Having the nets at my fingertips also seemed a big plus.

Previous to this I barely used my previous mobiles at all and I had an IRiver H140 MP3 player which was my main source of on the move playback and portable storage. I have more replaced that that actually replaced my phone.

Also I like to push technology, I installed modded firmware on this;


And had it as my own webserver for the best part of a year.
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