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Root ASOP Barebones Rom for Droid X


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Nov 18, 2009
Valparaiso, IN
My original Droid has a broken digitizer due to a cracked screen. Can Anyone suggest a good Bare Bones Rom for the Droid X? I just bought one and would like to remove the bloatware and such.

If no good ASOP roms, can you suggest a ROM that is easy on the battery? I had been running Lithium Mod 1.5 and just got Gingerbread before my original Drod died.
For a good firsty ROM on the DX... just go with Apex. The new 1.4 will be out in a few hours and its lightning fast (literally milliseconds separate most of the big ROMs ( Apex, Fission, Liberty). So when someone says "Liberty is so much faster than Apex, or Fission or any other ROM..." its like saying "my greyhound dog runs faster than yours..." for gods sake, they both f'ing haul ass compared to a Saint Bernard(stock). The Blur that is left in Apex is awesome... needed and appreciated because it retains speed but keeps functionality you will lose in the AOSP-like ROMs for the DX.
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