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Assistant apps compared


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Jul 19, 2011
Sweden, Gothenburg
Is it just my phone or is the voice recognition poor when using Alexa as the hands free assistant app compared with if I use Google.
Example, when I say 'alexa' I find I need to raise my voice for it to activate from my phone but if I use Google I can say 'hey google' at a normal volume and it activates everytime, I can even activate it if the phones in the pocket provided the mics aren't completely blocked off.

My phone is oneplus nord 5g,8gb.ram,128gb rom
yeah never used alexa on my phone. the google assistant works fairly well when i have used it. but i rarely do though. i can use google assistant when i'm driving and have the windows down with radio blasting and the wind blowing and it still picks up my voice pretty well.

not sure if that is because of my phonee, the note 10+ or it is because google assistant works that well.
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