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AT&T Announces Pricing/Release Date for the Atrix...

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Sep 2, 2010
...and it stinks!!

AT&T reveals pricing, release date for Motorola Atrix 4G | Android Atlas - CNET Reviews

$199 for the phone itself is not a bad deal, but seeing as how many have been excited to get the laptop dock and more goodies out of the deal, it's very stupid. It looks like a laptop case is going to run you an extra $500, unless you want the bundle for the Atrix + laptop dock, in which case you have to buy a tethering plan!! What a joke!
Are there mods on this forum? Do they clean this stuff up?
There is this cool little button that you can click under a person's name that says "Report"; Type in your problem ("Topic has been posted multiple times" in this case). And the mods will take appropriate actions. Making a post bitching about it doesn't help them find the problem.
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