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motorola atrix 4g

  1. OptimusPaintAndPrimer

    Android 2.3.6

    Hello. I am using my Motorola atrix 4g on 2.3.6 and there is probably 80% of apps I can't use because it says "this app is not compatible with your phones version of android".. Is there anyway to bypass this? Will flashing a custom rom fix this?.. I don't really have enough money to buy a...
  2. A

    Root flash recovery via fastboot???

    hi . i have MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G with cm11 and cwm installed recently i did a factory reset and when i reopened my phone it says "unfortunately setup wizard ha stoped" and when i got back to cwm recovery to flash another rom my power button didnt worked to select but volume button did worked now...
  3. R

    Help Factory reset question

    Hi - Am getting ready to sell my good-old Atrix 4G that's unlocked (from AT&T) and running Android 2.3.6 so I'll need to do a factory reset to remove my data. My question is.....will the reset effect the unlocked status or the OS? TIA for any "heads-up" to any problems.
  4. B

    Help upload pictures from text

    How Do I Upload A Picture From A Text Message. Ex. Slide Pictures
  5. R

    internet doesn't work

    I have problem in the internet , It doesn't work , What steps shall I do plz ?
  6. D

    dock station not an option after udating to: 4.5.141

    I updated my phone yesterday to build 4.5.141. I have an atrix MB 860. I used my docking station in 3 locations and I am pretty addicted to it ... what a GREAT feature. However, when I dock my phone into the docking station, it no longer gives me the option to choose the motorola option to...
  7. T

    Root Motorola Atrix 4g attempted cyanogenmod, stuck in bootloop

    Hey guys, so I have a problem... I tried to flash cyanogenmod 7 on my Motorola Atrix 4g today using Clockworkmod, but I rushed it and didn't take the time to read the instructions, and now it is stuck in a boot loop, and I need some help fixing it. Suggestions? :D
  8. D

    30s lockout for incorrect pattern

    So when I input the wrong pattern I get a 30 second timeout after the first failed attempt. It didn't used to be like this, when I last updated my phone a while back it just randomly started doing this. Current version is 2.3.6 (up-to-date).
  9. T

    Failed to boot 2

    So let me start off by saying I'm not very good at this, and I'm new to the whole phone thing. Anyways, a few weeks ago I rooted my Atrix, and it had no problems until last night, when a purple light same on in the LED indicator, and would not go away. I shut my phone off, and when I try to...
  10. M

    Root How to recover a bricked atrix 4G?

    Hi, The phone was bricked due to something wrong when I load roms. How to recover it? Many thanks
  11. M

    Root How to recover sock rom using atrix 4G

    Any one point me correct direction how to do this? Regards
  12. G

    Failed to boot 2 when trying to recover

    Hey, the digitizer of my Atrix is broken and i want to go for warranty. I rooted my Atrix months ago and installed WebtopMod. Now i unrooted it and just tried to restore/recover the Atrix. It shuts down and when it boots the error "Failed to boot 2" "Starting RSD mode" appeared. I can...
  13. K

    Help Can I get a free unlock code for ATRIX MB860?

    I know normally, you have to pay to get an unlock code, but I was wondering, is there any way to get one for free? I heard that you could call AT&T customer service and get one for free over the phone. Is that true? That's who the carrier used to be on this phone. Oh and according to my friend...
  14. S

    Root Mobile data seems to be connected but doesn't work

    Hello, I am encounting a mysterious problem: PROBLEM DESCRIPTION Sometimes, the mobile data connection seems to be connected (the arrows are coloured) but the connection doesn't work. I can't find a rule about a specific factor that causes this malfunction. SOLUTION ATTEMPTS I tried to solve...
  15. C

    Root working firmware link?

    I'm trying to fix a friends phone that won't boot. I've read a lot and tried fastboot and am attempting RSD Lite but can't find a working link to a firmware file to flash. Any help out there?
  16. M

    Net10 APN Issues

    I have a Motorola Atrix 4G unlocked phone that use to be AT&T. I switched to Net10 and could not get picture messages/long messages or internet. I have tried many different APNs. I found one that worked but I could not get picture messages/long messages and the internet worked. Net10's website...
  17. C

    Root failed to boot 1

    I apolagize if this is in the wrong section. I'm trying to fix my friend's Atrix. It loads to the Motorola logo and says "failed boot 1". Ive dug around and tried to flash the boot image and system image and even the fruitcake stock zip. I've tried fastboot and moto-fastboot. The flash...
  18. C

    Extra battery

    Hi i wanted to know if someone had an extra battery they can part with. I just need a charge i have two batteries that are good but i let them discharge but they do charge and are good if someone has a cradle they can charge them. I have a rom in recovery but there is not enough juice to boot it...
  19. TinyDes7

    Help!! File Problems

    Okay, so I recently downloaded ES File Explorer to make more storage space on my SD card and I have some files that are .jpg160x120 and I can not open them. I downloaded Adobe Reader, thinking it would let me open the files, but that was a bust too. Can anyone please help me and let me know if...
  20. S

    Root Problem Restoring Stock ROM

    I have an Atrix 4G (MB860) that was running on GB 2.3.6. Back in August I unlocked and rooted it and flashed jokersax's ICS ROM. I made sure to backup the stock ROM using ClockworkMod. I have since upgraded to a Galaxy S4 (and switched carriers) and don't use my Atrix anymore. I wanted to...
  21. L

    Help! Moved app out of /sys

    Introduction: Hi everyone, sorry to disturb i have a problem... This problem is slightly technical, and i can comprehend any fixes despite their technical nature. However if you have any non technical ideas or even if your not sure please suggest something im quite desperate..... Problem: i...
  22. magnus202

    Is Motorola Atrix really 4g

    I have a question about the Motorola Atrix 4G. On this page it does not list 4g speeds. Only 2G and 3G. Motorola ATRIX 4G - Full phone specifications For example on the galaxy 4 listed here Samsung I9190 Galaxy S4 mini - Full phone specifications It states 4g on the page. Is the...
  23. N

    Help Rooted Atrix 4G won't boot into CWM recovery

    I rooted my Atrix 4G (running stock 4.5.141 firmware) and everything appears to be good. However, I cannot boot into recovery mode to backup and/or install ROMs. I also mistakenly deleted the stock dialer application, which I didn't like, via Titanium Root Uninstaller. Now my phone won't even...
  24. R

    Sound Issues with Motorola Atrix 4G and Android 4.0.4

    My Atrix 4G has Android 4.0.4. and every time I turn it on it starts in the silent mode which is irritating. It also has separate volume controls for ringer, notifications, etc. If I turn the phone volume down with the button on the side of the phone it only effects the ringer and not the...
  25. G

    Help My Atrix is 'losing its touch'

    Hi guys, I hope there's still some people here. My Atrix, which is approaching 2 years old now, has suddenly developed an odd problem. The screen seems to have stopped responding to my touch. When you unlock the screen, you have to swipe across the screen to activate the main home screen. It's...