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dock station not an option after udating to: 4.5.141

I updated my phone yesterday to build 4.5.141. I have an atrix MB 860.
I used my docking station in 3 locations and I am pretty addicted to it ... what a GREAT feature.

However, when I dock my phone into the docking station, it no longer gives me the option to choose the motorola option to have my phone shown on the monitor. I get the following options only (and sometimes not all three) - webtop entertainment, dismiss picker and entertainment center.

I rebooted several times and the last time I physically removed the battery. Since this point only two options are available: dismiss picker and entertainment center.

Under settings/applications/manage applications/all i see motorola dock service. it says that it is running. There is nothing in the cache or any defaults set.

I really would like to use this service.

Thank you for your help


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