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Phone app call display problems

(Have already submitted this to Google in both Phone app developer email and as an app review but I'm interested in what others have noticed/any suggestions to help?)

The phone app on my Google Pixel 3a (likely the same on other Pixel phones) has become difficult to access after recent updates. The incoming calls display is tiny and up at the top of the screen, instead of taking up the whole screen with the option to swipe up to accept calls. I have to touch a little button to accept a call. The only time I seem to get a full screen incoming call screen now is if the phone screen is locked/blank.

Now, instead of remaining visible on screen my calls in progress sometimes become invisible on the phone so I cannot navigate back to them and switch, for example, between phone and speaker for the sound choice. I cannot find any setting for the phone to make sure the calls incoming and in progress remain front and center on my phone during calls.

If this is a design change it is bad and makes the phone much harder to use as a phone. I want to continue to be able to swipe up to receive calls and I want my call in progress to stay on the screen, not hide from me somewhere.

PS I just got a bounceback on the email to "apps-help@google.com" saying the email box is no longer monitored and pointing me to the online help page support google dot com. I resubmitted the remarks there. I don't actually expect Google to read their user reviews so I'm guessing the posting of the same remarks there is rather pointless.
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When did it start? Because incoming call as a little notification when the display is on is exactly what my Galaxy s21 (Android 12) does, so I expect this is standard.

If I look in my phone app's settings I have an option "call display while using apps" (Google might give it a different name - Samsung like to rename things). This controls how incoming calls appear when you are using other apps, and has options "full screen" (what you want), "small pop-up" (default) and "mini pop-up" (even smaller). So have a look and see whether you have similar options.

I've never met the thing about the in-call UI disappearing. Are you sure you aren't touching something that moves you away from it? Though I'd expect the recent apps navigation to get you back to it in that case, so don't really know what this is about.
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